Batch cleaning ArcMap exported Illustrator files

I outline how to build a simple batch action to clean up large quantities of ArcMap’s own brand of Illustrator file. Typically, ArcMap includes a thousand clipping paths and totally destroys curved text paths. Lets clean that mess up to give us a fresh start in Adobe Illustrator.

In this movie, I cover:

  • Proper resolution settings for Illustrator export (yes, it makes a difference!)
  • Understanding Postscript vs. PDF based Illustrator files
  • Getting rid of Clipping Path madness
  • Recording repeatable cleanup steps in Actions
  • Mass delete clipping masks! Split apart compound paths! Effortlessly!
  • Fixing funky curved text paths
  • Save time by batch processing tons and tons of files through the steps of an Action

Jump over to Vimeo to view the movie in 720p HD

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2 responses to “Batch cleaning ArcMap exported Illustrator files”

  1. Megan says:

    Fantastic video! Thanks!