1962 Trip Planning Map of the United States

This whimsical map of the United States is, by far, one of my favorites. Each state is filled with tiny little illustrations depicting the types of tourist activities that one can do there. At least as of 1962 anyway. There are so many fun little scenes, and it’s really surprising how much information you can get about a state from a handful of little cartoons. The other thing that strikes me is how many activities depicted I have actually taken part in as I’ve traveled around the country.

Explore the Map: 1962 Trip Planning Map of the United States

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Beyond the tourist activities, there are images depicting food and industrial exports, natural landscape features, and historical events. And a surprising amount of women in bathing suits. Even in North Dakota!?

At the bottom of the map are some additional instructions that I’ve never seen on a map before. The idea of ironing a paper map seems quite bizarre. And I honestly would have never thought to glue the map (or any large poster for that matter) directly to a wall, and then add strips of wood molding around it to give it that nice, finished look. Different techniques for different times I suppose.

How to Flatten This Map

Open the map and leave it on a flat surface for a day or two. This helps remove the creases. Or, you can flatten them with a warm iron (not too hot).

To Mount Map

When mounted, this map makes a handsome wall decoration in den, study or recreation room. Before mounting, make sure wall is clean. If paint is too glossy, rub surface with steel wool. Apply a thin, not watry, coat of regular prepared wallpaper wheat paste to the back of the map. Let it stand a minute, resmooth paste and hang. Wipe off excess paste with a clean, damp sponge. Note: don’t use rubber cement. It stains. After you’ve mounted your map consider framing it with wood or decorative tape.

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