52 in 2012

One of my big resolutions for 2012 is to focus heavily on continuing education. To that end, I’m pledging to complete 52 courses on in 2012.

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4 really quirky things about iOS 5

So the iOS 5 update didn’t go very smoothly for a lot of people yesterday. But after finally getting it installed I was excited to page through and see what was new. The deeper I went though, the less excited I got. Here are 4 things that *slightly* burst my bubble: 1) Location based reminders: […]

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iDiOM Theater Posters

Occasionally, I’ll have the opportunity to completely run wild with a project and explore design techniques that I wouldn’t otherwise get to play with very often. When a friend of mine came to me requesting some “quick” posters for his theater group, I thought it would be the perfect chance to play. Two Man Tombstone […]

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1962 Trip Planning Map of the United States

This whimsical map of the United States is, by far, one of my favorites. Each state is filled with tiny little illustrations depicting the types of tourist activities that one can do there. At least as of 1962 anyway. There are so many fun little scenes, and it’s really surprising how much information you can […]

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“Managing Environmental Data with Microsoft Access 2007” workshops for 2011

New 3 Day Workshops Announced for the Remainder of 2011 My Access 2007 seminar courses for environmental professionals have been scheduled and are ready for you to sign up! I have a great partnership with the EOS Alliance to bring this training to several locations around the country over the next few months. Take a […]

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Batch cleaning ArcMap exported Illustrator files

I outline how to build a simple batch action to clean up large quantities of ArcMap’s own brand of Illustrator file. Typically, ArcMap includes a thousand clipping paths and totally destroys curved text paths. Let’s clean that mess up to give us a fresh start in Adobe Illustrator.

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William Morgan’s 1682 Map of London

After the Great Fire of London in 1666, the majority of the city was reduced to a pile of rubble and ash. From that blank slate, a new and modern city was allowed to grow. William Morgan’s 1682 Map of London was the first complete survey of the city after the fire, and illustrated the […]

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Free Adobe Illustrator Symbol Set: National Park Service Pictographs

Adobe Illustrator symbol libraries in three styles Many of the icons that the US National Park Service uses on their official park maps are available in various formats from the Harpers Ferry Center website. These include PDF files, True Type fonts, and ESRI style sheets for ArcGIS. However, none of these resources provide that “always […]

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