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Batch cleaning ArcMap exported Illustrator files

I outline how to build a simple batch action to clean up large quantities of ArcMap’s own brand of Illustrator file. Typically, ArcMap includes a thousand clipping paths and totally destroys curved text paths. Let’s clean that mess up to give us a fresh start in Adobe Illustrator.

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Exporting better hillshades from ArcMap

I recently created a walkthrough that describes how I generate a higher quality hillshade from ArcMap by using the “export data” option to obtain a 16bit grayscale Tiff.  There are a few tricks to processing this image in Photoshop to obtain a usable image, but the end result is much better than the default ArcMap […]

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HD Video: Prep

A new time-lapse video as I prepare a layout in ESRI’s ArcGIS for a series of trail maps around Oregon’s Mount Hood National Forest. View more of my time lapse moves and tutorials on Vimeo

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Access 2007: Queries in Depth

I am proud to announce that my training title, Microsoft Access 2007: Queries in Depth is now available in the lynda.com online training library. I had a lot of fun in Ventura California working with the folks at lynda.com to bring this title to their library. Sitting in the sound booth and appearing in front of […]

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