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My Newest Access Course:

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Access 2019: Forms and Reports

Learn how to best use forms and reports to control and organize the display of your data, as well as gather parameters for queries. Access expert Adam Wilbert starts with the basics of form design and discusses how to leverage controls such as buttons and links. He combines these ideas in a chapter that shows how to build an application-like framework for getting around a database. He then dives into reports, showing how to create efficient and readable layouts, build a report from a query, and use conditional formatting rules to highlight key takeaways from the data. Finally, Adam demonstrates how to link forms and reports as he steps through how to create a profit summary report.

4h 20m


Access 2019

Access 2019 EssT.jpg

Access 2019 Essential Training

Learn how to wrangle your data and gain deeper insights by leveraging the power of Microsoft Access 2019. In this course, Access expert Adam Wilbert shows how to use Access to build databases that help you store and retrieve your data more efficiently. Adam begins by going over the concepts behind relational databases. He then discusses how to build tables—the foundation of any database—as well as how to define the relationships between tables and use queries to find and filter data. He also steps through how to build an interface for the database from forms, complete with combo boxes; create reports for printing and sharing; and take steps to maintain your database.

3h 40m

Access 2019 Queries.jpg

Access 2019: Queries

Learn how to find and translate complex raw data into information you can use to make better decisions. Access expert Adam Wilbert explains how to create real-world queries to filter and sort data and perform calculations, as well as refine query results with built-in functions, all while offering challenges that help you master the material. Find out how to identify top performers, automate repetitive analysis tasks, make queries more flexible with parameter requests, and increase accuracy and consistency in your database using program flow functions. Adam closes with an assortment of useful query tricks. Take the challenges posed along the way to test and practice your new Access skills.

3h 56m

Access 2019 Tips.jpg

Access 2019: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Create a better experience for your Access users. This course covers tips and techniques that can help Access developers transform a boring database into a fast, efficient, and even fun environment. Access expert Adam Wilbert shows how to remove typical Access interface elements for a better start-up experience, as well as how to borrow some tricks from web design to make your database more attractive and interactive. Plus, learn how to clean up a cluttered navigation pane, filter long lists with cascading combo boxes, and build in contextual help and keyboard shortcuts that your power users will thank you for.

2h 29m